Access Control

Restrict, monitor and prevent any and all access into your premises, office or home with Sypher’s access control solutions. Built with the client in mind.

  • Radio Frequency Identificaton (RFID)
  • Biometric Control
  • Control Your Property
  • Time & Attendance

Radio Frequency Identification

Radio frequency identification, otherwise known as RFID is using radio frequencies to identify people, products and make payments. Our RFID technology is built for all applications; whether it is your business or home.


Biometrics are the technical term for body calculations, when it comes to Sypher’s security we are able to use our biometric systems to prevent and grant access to individuals who are in the biometrics system.

Biometric & RFID

Unlimited Access


Sypher’s state of the art biometric scanners makes it easy for businesses and individuals to control the access into their premises. Contact us today to find out how our biometric systems can be of benefit to you!

Premises Control

Radio & Biometric Scanners

Product Scanning

Do you have a large catalogue of products that need to be barcoded and inputted into a system? Then look no further as Sypher has the solution for you.

Fingerprint Access

The future is here already and fingerprint access is taking over. No more security passes or monitoring staff, with our biometrics you can control everything.

Security & Technology Combined

Here at Sypher we have all the solutions for all your access control needs. Whether it is RFID or biometric scanners, we do it all!

Unbelievable Results

Experience in Innovation

New Ideas

Here at Sypher we are always coming up with new ideas and innovative ways to help improve our products as well as client experience.

Access at your Fingertips

Be in control of your companies access, know who is coming in and out of your building with our integrated access control platform designed for ease of use.

Leading by Innovation!

Our innovative product line allows us to get the leg up over the competition by providing excellent solutions to our customers in the form of access control.


Our world class technology and experience allows us to create innovative solutions for all access control requirements our clients might have. Give us a call to find out how Sypher can change your business!

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