CCTV is a closed circuit television which means it is a TV system in which signals are not available to the public but are instead monitored and recorded. Our Cameras record everything for you to view later and to detect any unusual visitors in your premises.

  • High Definition.
  • Helps Deter Crime
  • View When & Who Enters Your Premises
  • Variety of CCTV Solutions Available.
  • Multiple Brands.

PTZ Cameras

A pan tilt zoom camera is one that is capable of directional control allowing it view an area from a variety of angles, zooms and directions. PTZ cameras are an essential part of modern surveillance systems.

360 o View of the Premises

With our CCTV cameras, we ensure a complete 360 view with our installations. You don’t want any blinds spots in your setup where people can get by unnoticed. Call us today to set up an appointment.

HD Analogue Technology

HD Analogue cameras are a more affordable alternative to normal IP cameras. These cameras combine new HD resolutions with analogue CCTV cameras to deliver a surveillance camera.

CCTV Equipment Set

We sell complete CCTV sets that are designed and manufactured to the highest quality. We have innovation in mind and the sets that we produce aim to solve all surveillance issues.

One Stop National Surveillance Solution Provider

Our Features


We offer automation solutions for all our CCTV services, whether it be a control room, number plate recognition or thermal cameras Sypher has the solution for you or your business!

Security at Every Step

Safety is our Watchword

Control Rooms

Here at Sypher, we can help you set up a control room for staff and employees to monitor what comes through your door.

Number Plate Recognition

Our number plate recognition systems are one of the most advanced in South Africa and ensure maximum protection from unknown entities.

Technology Supports Security

Every day the surveillance landscape is changing and so is the technology, we are at the forefront of all new tech and solutions.

The Latest & Greatest

Forefront of Innovation

Latest Technology

Sypher believes in delivering the latest and greatest in surveillance and CCTV technology, we beat all our competitors.

Reliable Manufacturers

We get our products from only the most reputable and reliable manufacturers, ensuring we deliver a high-quality product.

Leading by Innovation!

Due to the fact we work with industry leaders, our innovation and products are always being tested at the highest level.


Due to the nature of our business, we work with a variety of different companies and manufacturers to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients and that is why we are ahead of our competitors.

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Installation Perfection

Our team of experienced installers have over 30 years combined experience in the surveillance industry. Sypher will ensure your security systems are installed correctly and working according to your specifications.

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User Friendly

Legendary Support

Wi-Fi Cameras

We offer tailor-made Wi-Fi enabled cameras that hook directly into your surveillance systems through your intranet.

Continued Support

Sometimes not everything works 100% of the time, that is why here at Sypher we offer continuous support to keep you up and running.

Friendly Staff

No matter what you need, when it comes to CCTV our great team of support staff are always there to answer any questions you may have.

Our Types Of


  • Analogue

    Analogue cameras, while not as advanced as digital are setup using wires and IP connections to deliver favourable results.

  • Digital

    Our digital CCTV cameras can be connected through a variety of ways and provide an HD experience for the viewer.

  • Thermal Cameras

    Our thermal cameras are state of the art and are built with a variety of uses in mind from firefighters to seeing through barriers.

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

    PTZ cameras allow the user to view what is going on from a variety of directions and angles so you never miss anything.

  • Number Plate Recognition

    Our number plate recognition systems allow the end-user to see who and when people are entering and exiting the perimeter.

  • Surveillance DVRs

    We allow for attachments of DVR machines to record and playback all CCTV footage ensuring nothing gets past you.