Audio & Evacuation Systems

You can never be too safe in an emergency situation, our audio and evacuation systems are designed to help notify everyone of the emergency effectively and efficiently to ensure everyone is safe.

  • Emergency Evacuation Systems.
  • Alarm Systems.
  • Voice Alerts.
  • Easy Installations.

Public Address

A public address system is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It helps alert those in the vicinity of any notices or alerts.

Emergency Evacuation

Syphers integrated emergency evacuation systems utilise the latest technology and innovation to ensure your family or personnel are safe in their living and working environments.

Evacuation Systems

Designed To Protect


Nothing is more important than alerting and notifying people of an impending problem and giving them time to evacuate the premises or do something about it. With Sypher’s integrated system you never have to worry about the safety of your employees or family.

We take you through every step

Alarms & Alerts

P.A Systems

Sypher’s integrated public address systems ensure that you never miss out on an alert or notification in your premises.

Alarm Alerts

Sypher’s systems are able to detect even the smallest anomaly within your premises. This allows you to alert everyone in the building before anything gets out of hand.

Latest and Greatest

Here at Sypher, we believe in using only the latest in technological audio systems as well as ensure that all products are manufactured with the best materials and to the highest standard.

Arrive Alive

Get Evacuated

A Plan That Never Fails!

When using Sypher’s evacuation system we ensure everyone is trained and follows the most efficient and effective plan that we have laid out for the building.

Signage & Notifications

We help install signage and notifications on your premises to ensure everyone knows where the exits are and moves accordingly.

Training First

Here at Sypher, we like to know our clients are safe, that is why we provide training for all staff and employees to prevent any confusion in times of emergency.


By using our integrated evacuation plan systems you are taking a step in the right direction to ensuring all your personnel are protected; whether you are a business, home, or educational facility we have solutions made just for you!